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10 ways to use the Blab livestream site to get instant, free, targeted traffic to your product, service or Udemy course


"Where this course really shines are the 10 lessons where Dave shows 10 ways to leverage this platform to its full marketing potential.

Wow, what an eye-opener! I think those alone are worth many times the small investment needed to take advantage of this information.

I think Dave is right when he describes how this platform may be revolutionary..."


How would you like to generate INSTANT TRAFFIC to your product, service or online Udemy course, FOR FREE?

And, how would you like it if this Instant, Free Traffic also happened to be TARGETED TRAFFIC, highly interested in buying your product, service or online course?

In case you don't know, this is the marketing version of the Holy Grail!

This course shows you how to use Blab to grow your audience & reach, maximize your conversions & sales and dramatically increase your business income.

What is Blab?

Launched in April 2015, Blab is the hottest new livestreaming platform to hit the Internet. (Hotter and newer than Periscope!)

Blab is brand-new and taking the Internet by storm!

The average Blab user spends 64 minutes on Blab! (engagement is through the roof)

With Blab, you can launch live broadcasts that include up to 4 people on a broadcast.

This is exciting and fun because of the collaboration and intensity of the conversation.

You can also have new guests "pop in" or "pop out" of your Blab and as the host, you stay in control the conversation.

But, as fun as Blabs are, sadly, the average "Blabber" does not know how powerful it can be for generating a massive amount of instant, free, targeted traffic to your website, product, service or online course.

In fact, this course reveals how you can get traffic that is:

  • INSTANT TRAFFIC (you have an instant audience waiting for you on Blab)
  • FREE TRAFFIC (Not only is Blab traffic free, but I will also show you how to turn your Blab content into ongoing, FREE TRAFFIC drivers! I call this my "Content Bomb" strategy)


  • TARGETED TRAFFIC (The most important audience you can build is an audience that is interested in your offers. In this course, you'll learn my "secret sauce" for building a TARGETED audience on Blab)

You'll do this by doing livestreamed broadcasts on Blab about your specific niche topic and then turning this free traffic into sales of whatever product or service you want to sell.

Since Blab is so new, you may not have heard of it, but in this course, you'll discover 10 powerful ways to leverage the Blab platform to grow your reach and tap into an instant audience.

You'll also discover how, over time, you can grow your audience and reach exponentially to generate even more sales and growth!

Besides the many business uses of these strategies, this course is PERFECT for Udemy instructors who want to dramatically improve their Udemy Course Marketing.

This is because Blab is the perfect match for Udemy instructors who are looking for a free, yet targeted way to market their Udemy courses!

With Blab, you can drive tons of free, targeted traffic to your Udemy courses. (I give examples inside the course) and you can also generate new content to help your Udemy students, as well!

Enroll today at no risk because you automatically get a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee!

Introduction - Welcome To The Exciting World Of Blab Marketing
What Is Blab? A Brief Tour Of The Blab Livestream Platform
What is Blab?
The Live Stream Area On Blab
Let's Take A Look At The Blab Chat Area
Let's Take A Look At The Twitter Feed
Let's Take A Look At The Attendee Feed
Live Demo - We View A Blab, In Real Time To See More Features
Blab Gives You Access To An Instant Audience!
A Blab Gives You Content Creation On Steroids!
A Blab Gives You Face-To-Face, Real-Time Interaction!
A Blab Will Generate Conversion Rates Similar To Webinars
A Blab Gives You Intense Interaction And Curiosity
Why will Blabs generate higher sales and conversions?
A Blab Gives You A Viral, Multiplication Effect
A Blab Allows You To Link Out To A Freebie Which Contains An Instant Upsell
Build A Blab "Content Bomb" Which Explodes Across The Internet To Drive Traffic
A Content Bomb is...
Blab Consistently For Maximum, Leveraged Results
Blab Is Young And Growing Incredibly Fast!
Get Blabbing!
Conclusion | Information About Additional Resources

What's included

  • 19 Video Lessons
  • 4 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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